Thursday, 15 November 2012

Why Windows 8 slow?

  • Too many processes running at the same time.
You have opened too many applications at the same time. Each software will open computing resources, such as memory, processor, hard drive, graphics card, motherboard, etc. So close any open program
By the way, that the discovery minmum webiste. As more browsers, using sandbox technology, each page on the site the whole process, with a few MB.s or applications, except for applications that currently use.
  • too many programs start automatically when Windows 8th
Check your system tray, located in the lower right corner of the screen. Each of them take up system resources, and that Windows 8 will be slow. Little to be working on Windows 8th In this way, you can remove them from the list by typing “msconfig” i
n the Start menu, and disable the “Boot” tab.
  • Is your Windows 8 is used for more than 1 year.
Each year, the resintall time systems. Since the time of application, there are several junk files that are stored in a different way in Windows 8th More unnecessary files, the slower Windows 8th
  • Too much junk information in the Windows registry 8th
Windows 8 registry is crucial to the control of Windows 8th If too much data in the registry junk, home size is becoming more and more, the system will search the
data harder and harder. These figures come from the unwanted plants and uninstalltion different software. Each intolerable software leaves information in the registry, even if you remove, still leave something in the registry, making it more the registry.
  •  Old Computer.
If you bought a computer two years ago, its hardware configuration is likely to meet the needs of the entire set of Windows 8 features, Windows 8 features, including 3D. Windows 8 takes a lot of resources, so the only way to solve this problem, you will need to upgrade their equipment or even buy a new computer.
  • Buggy software
Sometimes the failure of some programs cause Windows 8 slowly or even crash. So come on up to the software that comes from unknown suppliers, and update them regularly.
  • Windows 8 is slow due to a varius or malicious attachment.
When he suffered from viruses and malicious programs will Windows 8 be abnormally slow. Use anti-virus or anti-malware to your Windows 8 clean and safe.
  • Not enough disk.
If your system is full of data, the operating system Windows 8 will be enough space for data transfer or replacement. This will gradually do, and this will slow down Windows 8 is obvious. Try to have at least 1 GB of space on the system disk.
These 8 reasons, the main reason why your Windows 8 slowly. You have to take care of your Windows 8 when it is slow.

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